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You can never be too sure.

Ever since a nanny in New York murdered two children under her care back in 2012, more moms are requiring potential nannies to go through a mental evaluation.

The mental evaluation is $450 for the assessment, plus $200 for a personality test, all taken care of by the parents.

There’s no doubt that putting your child’s care in the hands of someone who at one point was a stranger is a scary thought. Looking for the right nanny is something parents don’t take lightly. We talk on the show often about how lucky Maney & LauRen are to have great nannies for their kids. If the time ever came where they needed to find a new nanny, we believe they would be on board for this.

According to Limor Weinstein, the head of a nanny consulting business in the Big Apple, more and more of her clients are willing to shell out money to have their potential nannies put through a psych test.

The $450 for the initial services includes general screening, reference checking and a review of the nanny’s social media habits.

“They want to have a professional reviewing their nanny and their mental history to make sure they don’th ave any demons in their closet,” Weinstein says. “There are so many mentally unstable nannies it scares me.”

Some parents take an extra extreme step and go through a nanny’s bag upon arrival to see if they are taking any meds or have meds that aren’t prescribed to them.

Parents, would you pay for this service for a potential nanny? What are your thoughts on all this? @theMRLshow