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If you haven’t heard of the Whisper app yet, you’re missing out.

Who knew that if you wanted life hacks, all you had to do was download the Whisper app. The app is an anonymous app that has numerous threads about different subjects.

Today’s subject: how girls test guys.

In today’s dating world, finding the right guy for you is not an easy task. Not only is the task difficult in itself but it could also take some time, which means time away from the playing field. Some girls don’t want to take that time or take the chance, so they get straight to business and test their guys to see if they’re keepers.

The new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has women revealing ways that they test the men they date to see if they are good enough. Some of these strategies may surprise you!

  • “I test guys by doing this – if he asks me to pay there is no second date. No matter how well it went. I don’t want to pay on the first date.”
  • “I test a guy by sleeping with him naked. If they go for sex it becomes a one-night stand. If they don’t and treat me nicely I offer them to be my fwb and potential future boyfriend.”
  • “When I really like a guy I test him by breaking it off. If he fights to keep me I keep him. If not, I let him go. Rule: If I’m not worth fighting for then you’re not worth keeping.”
  • “I’m a grammar freak so I test gys I like with grammar tricks to see if they catch them. They never do, I’ll find him one day.”
  • “How I test guys is to introduce them to my hot cousin and see their reaction.”
  • “When a guy says he likes me I test him by asking him to bring me something to eat. Food is the way to my heart.”
  • “The main test I use during dating. If you’ve never cried during ‘The Lion King’ you’re never getting in these pants.”
  • “Every time I start dating someone, I do the Barnes & Noble test. If they are willing to browse a book store with me for a few hours then they are a keeper.”
  • “I test men on their music taste. It doesn’t have to be my favorite but if you can’t explain why it means something to you then I’m no longer attracted.”


We have a feeling a lot of guys didn’t pass these tests…

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