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Take that, body clock!

Scientists tackle thousands of different types of tests every day around the world, but it’s always groundbreaking when one of them become successful. In this case, scientists have successfully slowed down the aging process in mice!

This has been the result of a five year study that was published in Journal Cell. The researchers have found a molecule that essentially reactivates faltering blood flow in elderly mice, Time Magazine reports. Compromised blood flow is a major component of ageing. Compromised blood flow deprives tissues and organs, including the brain, of the nutrients and oxygen they need to function.

The compound is called nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). Try saying that three times fast.

The compound was fed to the 20-month-old mice, which is an age comparable to 70 years in people! The 20-month-old mice was treated with NMN for two months. The results? Increased muscular blood flow, enhanced physical performance and endurance, and the older mice eventually became as strong as the younger ones.

The goal is to take this study into creating a pill that will have the same effects in humans.

Let’s just say LauRen will probably be keeping a close tab on this!



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