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Avocados are all the rage these days. A resort in Mexico has officially declared March to be Guacamania.

It was revealed at the end of 2017 that the number one food bought in restaurants was avocado toast. Americans spend a crazy annual amount on avocados. If avocado toast or chips and guacamole aren’t enough for your taste buds then you may want to book a vacation at the Casa Velas resort in Mexico. This adults-only destination in Puerto Vallarta has made the month of March all things guacamole and even declared the month to be named ‘Guacamania.’

Most adult-only resorts offer beauty treatments at the spa, but in Guacamania this resort will offer avocado facials, avocado scrubs, hair treatments, and avocado body wraps. If you’re avocado obsession is more intense than all of that, then maybe the next treatment will be for you…

An avocado bath. That’s right. During Guacamania you can bath in avocado. if that’s your cup of tea.

March may be almost over but don’t fret, they are going to do the whole thing again in September. So get to planning!