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Tyra Banks is one of the world’s most famous models, but she is only  just now fessing up to work she had done on her face.

Tyra opens up in her upcoming memoir, “Perfect is Boring,” and confesses that early on in her career, she had a nose job. She sat down with People magazine to discuss it:

“I had bones in my nose that were growing and itching. I could breathe fine, but I added cosmetic surgery. I admit it! Fake hair, and I did my nose. I feel I have a responsibility to tell the truth.”

Tyra didn’t go into details about when she did get work done on her nose, but she did start her modeling career at the very young age of 15.

She went on to say that women shouldn’t judge each other so harshly,

“There is a boundary line, either you’re super natural or you live at the plastic surgeon. It’s okay to hop back and forth over that line. You want a hair weave? Fine. You want permanent eyebrows? Fine. We as women need to stop judging.”