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Sometimes we need space from our significant other… even in the bedroom.

Have you ever thought about being married and sleeping alone? For some people, it’s a content reality. The idea of sleeping in opposite beds isn’t as bizarre as it sounds… perhaps it has kept a lot of relationships afloat. Even more interesting is that it’s super trendy right now.

According to a 2010 study by the National Sleep Foundation, 25 percent of married couples sleep separately so it’s not uncommon and there’s a good reason behind it. We all need our beauty sleep and sometimes we can’t get that thorough sleep with someone else every night!

If you’ve ever felt that urge to sleep separately from your significant other, you’re not a bad person just make sure you’re spending time together during the day. Have to get the snuggles in somehow, you know?

The crew took calls from our listener friends who told us their experiences with this. Check it out!


Do you sleep in an opposite bed than your significant other? We are interested to know @the MRLshow!