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At this point, we are just looking for excuses to talk about our favorite furry friends.

The Labrador Retrievers hold the lead for the 27th year as the country’s most popular dog breed. Our love for labs has reached an all new height, but we aren’t complaining. German shepherd and golden retriever owners come in a close 2nd and 3rd according to the new American Kennel Club Rankings posted Wednesday.

I’m sure you want to know about the rest of our furry friends and where they fit in to this list. French bulldogs come in the highest ever Number 4 spot with the bulldog coming in the 5th spot. The sixth spot belongs to the beagle followed by the poodle, the Rottweiler, the Yorkshire terrier and the German shorthaired pointer with the seventh through tenth spots.

As you can see we love our dogs and whether it’s a pure breed or mixed breed the only important thing is that they are shown love and care.


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