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What sounds better to you…20 minutes at a concert or a 20-minute yoga class?

A study has found that watching live music is better for your well-being than yoga! Patrick Fagan, an expert in behavioral science and an associate lecturer at Goldsmith’s University in London came to the conclusion after measuring volunteers’ happiness levels after doing certain activities.

The volunteers were fitted with heart rate monitors, split up and sent to either a Paloma Faith concert, a yoga session or to walk their dog. All of the volunteers that attended the concert had a higher level of “wellness” than other participants. According to Fagan, the results show that their mood boosted by 21 percent as opposed to a 10 percent boost with the yoga session and a 7 percent boost with the dog walk.

Apparently it’s time to purchase tickets to your favorite artists’ concerts this year! Let’s boost our happiness all 2018. Got any cool concerts in mind? Let us know where you’re going @themrlshow!

Article source: NY Post