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Typically, Charlotte and surrounding areas are known for making different Top 10 lists…for good things. The tables have now turned and Pineville, North Carolina has made a Top 10 list that they probably aren’t too proud of.

Pineville has been ranked as the 10th most dangerous city or town in North Carolina. Road Snacks, the ranking website that is known for putting out lists based on where you live, used data from the recently released 2016 Crime In The United States Report. The way that these cities were ranked was based on violent crimes per capita and property crimes per capita.

While Pineville got listed as the 10th most dangerous city, Lumberton got ranked as number one. Pineville was the only town in the immediate Charlotte area to make the top 10 and was the smallest city on the list. The website Road Snacks stated that, “There’s a 1 in 7.1 chance of being robbed in 2016.”