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Front view of an angry couple looking each other sideways after argument in the kitchen during breakfast at home

Arguing used to be a negative thing in relationships but now science is saying there are positives to it! 

Now, too much of something is never a good thing. We aren’t saying all arguments are good for relationships but we have found a way to turn something bad into a good thing. These are five things to do before or during an argument to turn your negative into a positive.


  1. Set your intention- it’s important to know why you are having the argument in the first place. Is it because you want to prove a point, are you fired up about the situation, or is it really worth the argument?
  2. Know your limits- it’s always good to know when you take an argument too far. Be self-aware and take the time to step back and calm down before you reach the point of no return.
  3. Prevention is key- the reason for the argument is to communicate something that upset you, so your partner doesn’t repeat it. Talk to yourself about it and see if in your own head that the argument is even worth your time.
  4. Realize your not the only one that can get hurt- passion can lead to a lot of tension in a relationship. Make things fair both for you and your partner.
  5. Use humor- No one wants to be called cute when they are mad or upset. But some humor is good for when you look back and realize just how silly the argument was and that you got your priorities straight.



Think about those things next time you and bae get into an argument!