Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

AUDIO: LauRen Admits She's The Worst Driver

Have you had any crazy driving experiences?

LauRen revealed to us today that she is very self aware that she could possibly be America's worst driver. She told us about the time her dad was teaching her to drive a stick shift. While learning how to drive, she got scared and ran into a fence. What happens when you run into a fence? Yep, it breaks. Breaking a fence can be an issue, especially when that fence is holding in horses. Yep, that's right. When little, young LauRen hit that fence, three horses got let loose. We can't make these things up people.

We had to open up the phone lines to make LauRen feel better about herself because we knew there had to be worse drivers out there willing to share their horror stories!

Check out the audio and let us know if you've had any crazy driving experiences @themrlshow.