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THESE Are The Most Popular Cereal In The Carolinas

Whether you eat it with milk, without milk, or with some other ingredient, cereal is a favorite for a lot of people.

But which cereal is the MOST popular?

Food and Wine, got to the bottom of it using Google searches over the last 12 months, and this what they found:

In North Carolina, Oreo O's,  were the most popular, and in South Carolina; Pops topped the list.

Oreo O's were the most popular in 14 states, making them the most popular nationwide. That doesn't come as too much of a shock; Oreo O's made a grand return to stores this year after a 10-year hiatus, so that might explain their popularity in Google searches.

What is surprising, however;  Frosted Flakes , Cheerios and Rice Krispies  DIDN'T make the list!

My personal favorite is a tie between Special K Red Berries, Lucky Charms, and Reese's Puffs... ah, who am I kidding, I love them all!