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Take photos: Okay…this one’s more for the parents/grandparents/other extended family members, but the school year goes by fast. It’s never bad to take a moment to cherish the day, too.

Most people can agree that old-school punishments that we used to receive as kids, don’t exist anymore. It’s so strange to think about some of the things we had to endure then that would definitely turn into viral videos now! 

For the first half of today’s show, LauRen was a nervous wreck because with her husband out of town, and her nanny not in until 8am…she had to leave her son, Cashton, alone with his Opa (grandfather) for the first time this morning! LauRen assures us that her mom’s boyfriend is a great Opa to Cashton, but as a mom…it’s always nerve-racking to leave your kid alone with some for the first time.

When Maney heard of this, he recalled on what would happen when he was left with his grandparents which got us on the subject of strange old-school punishments. When Maney told us about a bed that would shock you if you wet the bet, we were appalled.

This conversation definitely gives off Matilda vibes, ya think?

Missed out on the conversation? Let us know what wierd punishments you suffered through @themrlshow.