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SAN FRANCISCO - OCTOBER 14: Thrift Town customers shop for clothes October 14, 2008 in San Francisco, California. As the economy continues to falter, thrift stores are seeing a surge in business as Ameicans look for ways to save money.

If you’re in a weird mood, it might have a lot to do with what you’re wearing.


Apparently, there are ways to know your clothes can change your mood, 10 to be exact, and they aren’t what you would expect.

We’ve all had that good feeling when we put on something right? Well according to researchers certain people wear former business attire and dress up to feel more powerful and in control of the situation than their peers.

It’s also said that clothing can make you a better thinker and change your perception of the objects, people, and activities around you. This helps spark fresh new ideas and an open point of view.

When it’s time to exercise, a study found that people who exercised in red could lift heavier weights and on average had higher heart rates than those wearing blue. That’s not to say throw away all of your non-red athletic wear, researchers haven’t proven that wearing red brings wins.

Dressing in clothing like doctor’s coats or nurse’s scrubs not only make you look smarter but it can actually make you smarter too. A study showed people in white coats made significantly fewer mistakes than people in regular clothes.

It can also help with keeping yourself on task. The lab coat study found that people were smarter when wearing lab coats were able to focus harder and longer than those wearing just a smock.

There are also times when you can get your way with what you’re wearing. For example; if you’re in an argument and dressed up you’re more than likely to get your way than if you were dressed down.

Honesty is the best policy and in this case, researchers proved that wearing fake clothing can make you feel fake. Therefore leading to the assumption that others are also fake.

Clothing can make you want to work out as well. Just by wearing running shorts and sneakers in the morning is a comfy way to run errands and also could motivate you to hit the gym on the way back home.

Researchers found that most often we dress how we’d like to feel or how we’d like others to think we’re feeling. So we fake it until we make it.

Last but not least clothing can make you lose weight. It’s said tying a ribbon around your waist underneath your clothing can help you stop eating as soon as your full. It’s a technique that’s even used by French women.


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