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Maney, Roy, and LauRen discussed bullying with CMS representatives this morning, listen to learn more about changes happening in our local school system.This morning on the MRL show, we were joined by John Concelman and Chloe Olivia. Concelman is the Bullying Prevention Specialist for CMS. Positions like these have been created due to an increase in bullying within our school systems. He is here to help protect students like Chloe, who has been bullied in the past. Chloe shared her story, shedding light to the cruelty and harsh realities some students live in.

The two came on the show to raise awareness about the anonymous reporting platform and the Stand Up Speak Out program. The anonymous platform will be effective considering that sometimes it is difficult for children to gain the courage to mention their issues to a teacher. Bullying is a touchy subject and needs to be treated delicately, and I think the anonymous platform will provide an efficient alley to prevent cases from going unnoticed. Stand Up Speak Out encourages any victim or witness of bullying to report what happened so collectively we can identify the problem and find resolutions. Both of these methods will enable these problems to be solved faster.

Also, don’t forget to come out to the Tuesday Night event called ‘Screenagers’. This event is free of charge and will educate anyone interested about the addiction adolescents are experiencing toward their digital devices.

If you have any questions or inquiries about these programs, do not be shy to inquire @theMRLshow.