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Vincent Mitchell received a donation of more than 70,000 bouquets of flowers from his contract with Pro Flowers. 

Owner of Heavenly Hands Home Care, Vincent Mitchell, was overwhelmed when Pro Flowers gave him 70,000 plus bouquets of flowers after Valentine’s Day. He decided his best bet would be to give them away.

“With all the stuff going on in Florida and in schools, we decided to give the flowers to teachers,” Mitchell said. On Thursday and Friday he delivered almost 2,000 boxes of flowers to every school in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system, some Gaston County schools and many to the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Charlotte.

“We appreciate everybody who sends good thoughts our way,” one teacher said.

Mitchell’s purpose behind this was to make people smile. He didn’t make any money from giving away the flowers, but apparently it has given him a much greater reward… he says, “It’s like receiving rewards you know? It’s a rush.”

If you got 70,000 bouquets of flowers what would you do with them? Let us know @themrlshow!