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Since Maney made the announcement that he and his wife are pregnant with their second child, Roy has been dying to do a scientific test to try and find out the gender of this baby. According to science, when you mix baking soda and the urine of a pregnant woman, it can reveal the gender.

Amanda’s urine: CHECK

Baking soda: CHECK

Maney & Amanda have their own backstory on why they think their second child will be a baby girl. Roy wanted to do the baking soda test to determine once and for all. When we talked about this test on air, the phone lines lit up with women who did the test themselves during their pregnancies. The majority of those women said it guessed correctly for them! After that, we were sold on doing this test. This morning Maney came in with urine from Amanda and Roy brought in the baking soda. All things were a go!


The scientific baking soda test revealed that Maney & Amanda are having a…


Maney & Amanda will make the official gender announcement on air Monday morning!