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JOHNSTON, IL - AUGUST 21: Traffic is backed up in the northbound lanes of Interstate 57 following the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 near Johnston, Illinois. With approximately 2 minutes 40 seconds of totality the area in Southern Illinois experienced the longest duration of totality during the eclipse. Millions of people watched the eclipse as it cut a path of totality 70 miles wide across the United States from Oregon to South Carolina on August 21. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The Whisper app is great for many reasons, especially if you’re not the one anonymously admitting to things and just skimming. There’s a new thread going on in the app about people confessing to the most outrageous things they’ve ever witnessed someone do behind the wheel.

Outrageous things witnessed behind the wheel include:

  • “I once saw someone driving and breastfeeding at the same time.”
  • “This chick was doing her makeup and looking in the mirror with one hand and texting with the other. She was also speeding at 50 in a 15 max parking lot. A+ multitasking though, she didn’t crash.”
  • “I literally saw someone poop out their car window on the freeway. It’s a memory I wish I could erase from my mind.”
  • “On the motorway, I saw just feet on the wheel! The guy had his chair fully reclined back, closed eyes and was steering with his bare feet. I was horrified.”
  • “I saw my mom pull a reverse on the highway after she missed her exit. I, unfortunately, was tailgating behind her in horror.”
  • “I saw a lady clipping her toenails going down the turnpike. Talk about gross and dangerous.”
  • “Last week I saw a cop driving with Netflix on the computer next to him. How the hell is that safe?”
  • “The craziest thing I saw driving my road trip: Woman driving with a burger in one hand, drink in the other, cell phone held up on her shoulder. To this day I have no idea what she was using to steer the car.”
  • “I witnessed an older woman on the freeway eating food with chopsticks and driving with knees. I got three lanes away from her.”
  • “I saw an old man driving in nothing but a diaper.”
  • “I just saw a lady braiding her weaver…on the freeway. Yes, she was driving.”


We didn’t know whether to be disgusted or impressed by some of these! We asked our listener friends what the craziest thing was that they’ve seen while driving.