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Front view of an angry couple looking each other sideways after argument in the kitchen during breakfast at home

It may be strange to some, but not to all.

We found out in LauRen’s Dirty on the 30 this morning that Jennifer Anniston had kept things from her ex, Bradd Pitt…which caused tension between her and Jacob Theroux. This reminded Maney that to this day, his wife Amanda still has a shirt from her ex-boyfriend. Maney is over it now but it brought up the question of what ex-files do people keep? Our listener friends called in to tell us about some of the items they kept from previous relationships. It sounds weird but we have all been there. You might have that comfortable shirt or a beautiful piece of jewelry that you just don’t want to let go even though there is no sentimental attachment. Who says you have to? The crew takes us through this segment and it gets interesting. Check it out!

What’s something you kept from an ex? We would love to know @theMRLshow!