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As adults, we all have that one food that we can’t manage to bring ourselves to eat.

Maney’s son, Dean, used to love the Go-Gurt pouches and he would always enjoy picking them out himself. Last night Maney was on daddy duty and after dinner, he said that Dean could pick one out for dessert but to his surprise, he wanted nothing to do with them. Maney was shocked because they had a lot left and he had just recently picked them out. When his son refused to eat it, Maney pulled the strict dad card and said there wouldn’t be any playing after bath time unless he tried to eat it…hoping that would make him realize that he actually does like those things. Poor kid, he sucked it up and tried it and could barely keep it down. He was so grossed out by it! LauRen had a similar experience as a kid which is the reason to this day she can’t eat that certain type of food.

This got us curious so we had to ask our listener friends what food they absolutely cannot stand as an adult!