Hollywood Is Loving Shaun White & Chloe Kim

USA is absolutely crushing it in Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics when it comes to snowboarding. Chloe Kim & Shaun White are proof!

Chloe Kim won the gold medal in the snowboarding halfpipe. On the men's side...Shaun White also took home gold in men's snowboarding. Chloe Kim is a 17-year-old California native. She scored a 98.25 in her final run when she was already guaranteed gold after a 93.75 run!

Shaun White also picked up a gold medal last night in the men's snowboarding competition. His gold medal was America's 100th all-time gold medal at the Winter Olympics. Shaun White is also the first snowboarder to be a 3x Olympic Champion.


Hollywood is loving them some Chloe & Shaun! Celebrities from Hoda Kotb to Leslie Jones offered their congratulations to the athletes.