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Not everyone loves today, so here are some movies to spend your time on rather than dwell on the day.

Valentine’s day is here, but not everyone is into cheesy cards and expensive chocolates. So if you’re not heading out to a candlelight dinner for two and don’t expect any sweeping romantic gestures, may we suggest the following movies to spend the evening with? They’re all available to stream on Netflix tonight and there’s not a romantic comedy on the list.

  • “Eyes Wide Shut”- Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 thriller is anything but romantic, so watching Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as an unhappy married couple get their kink on underground sex club is an ideal anti-Valentine flick.
  • “Bachelorette”- Don’t let the title mislead you, this dark comedy is all about friendship, not mushy nuptials.
  • “Heathers”- This drama from 1988 shows just how disastrous it can be when love goes wrong, so it’s a perfect reminder how great it is to be single.
  • “Vincent”- You’ll forget all about the Valentine’s Day blues with this darkly funny film about Bill Murray’s bond with his younger neighbor.
  • “Adore”- Eye candy? Yep, thanks to Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville. And no matter how complicated your love life is, it’s got nothing on this story of two mothers and best friends -Naomi Watts and Robin Wright-  who fall in love with each other’s sons.
  • “Turner and Hooch”- Who needs a significant other when you can watch Tom Hanks and this adorable, drooling French Mastiff?
  • “Marie Antoinette”- As kids, we may have dreamed of being princesses, but this Sofia Coppola movie shows what happens when your parents force you to marry the King of France when you’re only 14. The costumes and music make Marie’s tale a fun, romance-free Valentine choice.
  • “13 Going On 30”- Where else can you see Jennifer Garner do the “Thriller” dance?
  • “Bridget Jones’s Diary”- Put on your PJ’s, pour yourself a glass of wine and commiserate with our favorite singleton, Bridget Jones.
  • “It Follows”-  Show Valentine’s Day how much you hate it by watching this thriller about a sexually transmitted stalker that can look like anyone. Not a trace of romance here!

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