Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Possible New Emojis?!

The latest iPhone update features 150 new emojis.

Gingers everywhere will rejoice because Apple has finally released the redhead emoji! Later this year you can expect your total number of emojis to reach 2800 with new additions like a peacock, a llama, and a cupcake.

Redheads everywhere took to Twitter to express their opinion on the future update that showcases their hair color. Some reacted positively. Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, best known for starring in Modern Family, tweeted: "I would like to thank the emoji gods for this inclusion and equality."

Some people were less pleased with the shade of red chosen to represent their hair color. A Twitter user comments "I've waited too many years for a redhead emoji for them to give us this neon Chef-Boyardee spaghetti-in-a-can color."

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