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The opening ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympics is happening tonight! Tonight is also Friday, which is a huge drinking night here in the Queen City. We decided to help you out and found a way to combine the two.

For those watching the Opening Ceremony tonight, here’s a drinking game that we already know Producer Nicole will be participating in!

Take a sip if:

  • a dancer is a step behind on choreography
  • An audience member is tear-eyed
  • They show the parents of an athlete
  • The announcers say the word “champion”
  • They show the Olympic mascot, Soohorang
  • An athlete holds up a finger to indicate their country is number one
  • A team from a country that never experiences snow enters the stadium
  • A commentaor¬†mentions Russian doping
  • An athlete takes a selfie
  • A team walks out in matching hats
  • The Olympic rings are formed using human bodies

Take two sips if:

  • An athlete sticks their tongue out for the camera
  • There’s a pyrotechnics display, including fireworks
  • You witness an impressive martial arts performance
  • A boisterous audience member is wrapped in an American flag
  • Someone carrying a large flag accidently¬†hits themselves in the face
  • A bunch of balloons are released
  • An athlete comes out carrying an actual video camera, filming the event
  • A child performer does something impressive

Take a shot when:

  • They sing the South Korean national anthem
  • There’s an aeronautics performance
  • The audience participates with a visual display

Finish your drink when:

  • The Tonga Bearer makes his long-awaited return