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AUDIO: Did Your Husband Ruin Your Clothes?

Laundry is a fickle friend. Maney learned that the hard way.

We try to be as transparent as possible on the show, which means Maney opening up about a potential screw up before he even has a chance to talk to his wife. Amanda is on a work trip this week which means it's just Maney & their son Dean. Yesterday when he had some extra time he wanted to do a nice gesture and go ahead and get all the laundry done so she doesn't have to worry about it when she gets home Friday evening.

Sounds great, right?

Think again. While Maney thought he was doing something nice for Amanda, it looks like he got himself in the hole because he ended up ruining one of her sweaters. LauRen is scared for him because she doesn't think it's a sweater that she can get a duplicate of.

Even though this will probably make Maney's life a little complicated this weekend, it makes for a great radio topic because husbands can find themselves in the same hole Maney is in.