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An estimated 103.4 million people watched the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Even though that’s the smallest audience for television’s biggest yearly event since 2009, we can all agree that the majority of those people only heard the big game in a singular language. Ever wonder what it would sound like in different languages?

Roy & LauRen couldn’t be any more different when it comes to the “cultural” category. LauRen has visited over 15 countries while Roy doesn’t even know how to pronounce half of those! Okay let’s be real…probably more than half of those.

Maney decided to use this to his advantage and test their knowledge. Since the Super Bowl had a super hype ending (see what we did there?) we decided to isolate one of the hypest play calls of the fourth quarter and get that in 5 different languages. Maney plays each one to see if Roy or LauRen can guess the language.

It’s a fun game that you can play along with! Who knows.. this might even be our one educational moment on the show for today!

Could you have guessed these? Let us know @theMRLshow !