Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Super Bowl 50's Movie Trailers

Showing off 2018's biggest blockbusters at the Super Bowl

Last night's Super Bowl is where some of 2018's biggest movies showed off their newest trailers. From Han Solo, to Dinosaurs, Tom Cruise and Super Heroes, 2018 is looking like a big year for blockbusters

Solo: A Star Wars Story- The much anticipated trailer premiered during the Super Bowl, Donald Glover as Lando Calrisian, the Millennium Falcon and of course, young Han Solo.

Avengers: Infinity War- Another trailer for the culmination of the past 10 years of marvel movies, its looking to be the biggest movie of the summer

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom- The sequel to "Jurassic World" premieres in theaters on June 22nd

Skyscraper-  Dwayne Johnson as the FBI agent whose family is stuck in a fire on the worlds largest skyscraper

Mission Impossible- Fallout- The 6th film in the series shows Tom Cruises Ethan hunt and his team tackle another mission gone wrong

Red Sparrow- Jennifer Lawrence is a ballerina turned recruit for the Sparrow School, where agents use their bodies and minds as weapons

The Cloverfield Paradox- Another entry into the Cloverfield films, Netflix not only just announced the movie, but it came out on the streaming service after the game and is available to watch right now