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Justin Timberlake performed at the Super Bowl Halftime show last night and America could not let go of his 2004 nip slip.

It’s safe to say America was silently — well not so silently, as Twitter was lit all weekend — wishing that JT would bring Janet Jackson to the stage again after their previous Halftime show performance.

Sure, we all remember what happened in ’04 when Janet and JT were the hottest people in pop culture and performed together. It was a total accident and JT says that the two have made amends since then. However, Janet’s family says otherwise…

“If he’s such a genteleman, he’d make sure Janet is there,” said Joe Jackson, in response to the rumors of JT bringing Janet out on the stage to perform. It has been said that after the nip slip, JT’s career took off whereas Janet’s came to a halt. Janet was banned from performing for the Super Bowl because of the nipplegate incident.

What do you all think? Did the nip slip totally ruin Janet’s career? Was JT in the wrong? Should he have pubicly apologized?

Check out what people on Twitter had to say below. Let us know what you think @themrlshow!