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Reddit is amazing. We highly recommend skimming through it. Why? #PettyReasonsYouDontGoOnSecondDate

In the age of Tinder & online relationships, first dates are happening more than ever. If you go on a date and it doesn’t go as expected…that’s okay because then you know there is no connection. But what about the people who go on a date and they fixate on the fact they’re in flip-flops and one pinky toe is bigger than the other.


Some other petty reasons people of Reddit didn’t go on a second date…


  • “Not sure if this counts but I ruined any shot I had at a second date because I found out the girl had a fear of spoons and couldn’t stop asking questions about it.” -TexMcBadass
  • “She picked up her phone directly after eating BBQ wings without wiping her hands off.” -xxCyberpunk2077xx
  • “I got a chip in my windshield on my way to pick her up. Put me in an off mood and we didn’t really connect.” -AdmiralThunderpants

Then, of course, we had to open up the phone lines to our listener friends and find out the petty reasons they didn’t go on a second date.


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