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South Mecklenburg High graduate John Hoogenakker has caught his big break in becoming the King for Bud Lights most recent advertisement. 

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched events of the year, but the motive behind some viewers might surprise you. According to many sources, roughly 50% of the viewers are just in it for the commercials. That being said, Sunday will be a big day for Charlotte native, John Hoogenakker, the king of the castle in the viral “Dilly Dilly” movement.

John has had many roles dating back to his personal debut on “ER” in 2005, this helped him gain a Skype interview with Bud Light, which obviously went well. The idea was only going to be shown once, but the immediate popularity following its debut in August has helped make this mainstream culture in America. Dilly Dilly actually has no literal meaning, but the phrase has clearly caught on. So here we are nearly six months later anticipating the Bud Light ads for Super Bowl 52. Dilly Dilly!

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