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It’s no secret that getting a divorce can not only take an emotional toll, but a financial toll as well. Celebrity divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, wants to help fix that – so she launched a divorce website!

Celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser just launched a new divorce website, “It’s Over Easy.”

Laura Wasser has handled some of the most famous divorce cases like Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera & Johnny Depp. Her new website will hopefully help make it easier for people to get divorced without hiring attorneys or even skipping court.

“I feel like there’s so many people who these days shop online, date online, bank online – maybe they actually even met dating only – and now they’re married,” she says. “Why not give them the opportunity to do this online?”

All couples will have to do is fill in their financial information as well as details about child custody, and the site will give them the documents that can be used to legally file for divorce and custody arrangements. The fees will range in price from $750 for a “DIY” divorce up to $2,500, which files the court documents for you and also provides 90 minutes of mediation counseling.

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