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Charlotte continues to make the lists for best cities in America. If it’s already making those lists as is.. we are about to soar to the top of those lists with what’s to come for Charlotte!

First and foremost.. if you’re a Charlotte resident and you are not familiar with The Charlotte Agenda.. you need to be! It’s got everything you need to know about Charlotte past, present & future.

2017 was a busy year for Charlotte. It seems like every road is under construction, tower cranes have become part of the norm, and apartment buildings are going up day after day. Charlotte definitely has a bright future.

Charlotte Agenda dived a little deeper into the biggest projects that are underway for Charlotte

  • Novel Stonewall Station/Whole Foods
  • AC Hotel (and Residence Inn)
  • Tompkins Hall
  • Design District


For more information on all of these projects and what to expect – head on over to Charlotte Agenda!