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A year ago, we were all shocked to see an estimated 10,000 people on the streets for the womens march. The organizers thought that there’d be maybe 100 people, this year they are preparing for a big turn out.

January of last year, the nation was reacting to the election. The focus was then put on the local, state and national elections that follow.

Here are five things to know about the new march.

1. It will be better organized.

The 2017 march was thrown together by five women who didn’t know each other prior to the event. Now the crew has a group of retirees, professionals, and executives. Anderson, a retired-engineer, and others have spent weeks planning Saturday’s march.

2. It will be more diverse.

The organizers are sensitive to the criticism from other groups such as Black Lives Matter movement, who the lack of diversity of participants in last years march. The roster of speakers includes representatives of Planned Parenthood, the Poor People’s Campaign, Muslim Women of the Carolinas, the Black Women’s Caucus, the Latin American Coalition, the League of Women Voters, the National Organization for Women and the Charlotte Clergy Coalition for Justice.

3. You’ll need a strategy for parking and walking. 

Be prepared to walk around. The speakers will be at First Ward Park, 301 E. Seventh St., after that the group will walk about three-quarters of a mile to Romare Bearden park, 300 S. Church St. So park in uptown or ride the Lynx Blue Line.

4. Expect to see a range of causes.

There will be signs for traditional women’s issues and also messages about a variety of environmental, economic and political causes.

5. The unifying theme for marches and rallies across America is “Power to the Polls.”

Expect to hear calls to get voters registered, encourage new and diverse candidates and energize a massive turnout in November. Women’s marches are also scheduled for Raleigh, Asheville, Winston-Salem and Hillsborough, as well as locations across the country.

The Charlotte march will go on regardless of the weather.

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