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These Airlines Are The Most On-Time Airlines

No one enjoys having to rush off the plane because their flight was late, these are the most on-time airlines for you to use the next you have to travel.

FlightGlobal came out with their annual report of the most on-time airlines of the year. Descent snacks and comfortable seats are a priority for some when picking who they'll fly with. But others want an airline that will simply get where they need to go on time.

2017's Top Ten Airlines For On-Time Arrivals

  1. Delta Airlines (85.9%)
  2. Japan Airlines (85.6%)
  3. All Nippon Airways (83.82%)
  4. Qatar Airways (83.64%)
  5. Scandinavian Airlines (82.94%)
  6. United Airlines (82.85%)
  7. TAM Airlines (82.85%)
  8. American Airlines (81.38%)
  9. Alitalia (81.26%)
  10. Qantas Airways (81.03%)

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