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The 5 Types Of Narcissists You'll Meet On Tinder

It's always good to be careful, especially with dating. So here are some things for you to keep in mind the next time you're talking to someone on Tinder.

1.The Somatic Narcissist

Tinder is known to host highly attractive people; including the ones obsessed with their own appearance. Somatic narcissist's are one of the easiest types of narcissists to spot: the amateur bodybuilder flexing his biceps in a mirror selfie (hoping that you don't see that hes dead inside), he could be the hunky business man who always looks just a little bit too polished, or she could be the gorgeous, vain, married woman whose just looking for a little extra thrill on the side.

Somatic narcissists tend to be obsessed with their sexual performance, appearance, power and how all of those work together in their life. They also tend to have a few people on their arm at once without a second thought and sometimes more than one in their bed at the same time.

2. The Cerebral Narcissist

Those who emphasize their mind rather than what they look like to gain the attention they want. They tend to belittle your thoughts and ideas and presents themselves as someone of superior intelligence. They may be highly successful or accomplished in some way, but they don't use that to make themselves better. Rather they use it self-aggrandize.

Cerebral narcissist's think they are "above" normal human affairs (like basic decency, romance, dating and sex) and prefer to focus only on matters of the mind.  They try way to hard to show how intelligent they are; usually with no one wanting to listen.

3. The Covert, Vulnerable Narcissist

They seem to be sensitive and caring when you first meet them but once you know them a little you realize it's just a mask. Beneath the friendly and quiet mask, they are secretly competing with you and planning ways to put you down. Covert narcissist tend to lash out easily since they are hypersensitive when their egos are injured and they tend to be delusional, highly accusatory and defensive.

They tend to be pathologically envious due to their feelings inadequacy mixed with an excessive sense of entitlement. They sneak digs at your appearance, career, and your hobbies all to gain the upper hand. If they want more attention, they are not against the idea of creating love triangles to make you compete for their attention. They rely on mind games, backhanded compliments, hurtful jokes, and hot-and-cold behavior to "court" their victims. They'll give you so much attention and all the sudden ghost and make you chase them. Word of advice; don't chase, run away.

4. The Grandiose, Malignant Narcissist

This is considered the most dangerous narcissist. Their behavior usually leads to physical,sexual and/or emotional abuse. They firmly believe in their superiority and they "get off" on power. Malignant narcissist's tend to target multiple victims to gain access to their resources. Stay away from these people if you can, one date and you could be stuck.

5. The Garden-Variety "Narcissist"

This narcissist is lower on the spectrum and does not really meet the criteria to be a full-fledged narcissist. They are usually players who are just in it for sex (or as we know them as f*ckboys and f*ckgirls). They're fluent in mixed signals and are very selfish. They use and dispose of people like its nothing at a very fast rate. they tend to mislead their targets and then ghost them, and then boomerang back when they're bored. They aren't considered to be the most dangerous one on this list, but you still shouldn't waste your time.


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