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Work. You know, that place that becomes home away home. Co-workers. You know, those people who sometimes for better or for worse become part of your every day life. What do you do though when your co-worker is annoying?

An Indiana woman is suing the city of Indianapolis after she was fired for allegedly trying to eliminate a co-workers ‘obnoxious chronic body odor.’

Yep, you heard that right. Apparently there was an employee who had horrible BO so after several complaints of the smell, one manager took it in her own hands to try and eliminate the problem. Instead of just being up front and honest with the person (let’s be real.. what would she even say!?) the manager bought several air fresheners and placed them all over the place. She ended up getting fired. Crazy right?

This made us wonder.. who else has annoying co-workers? We one time got a company email about a new rule where we couldn’t wear excessive perfume/cologne due to one employee wearing WAY too much.