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Will Oprah Actually Run For President?

Oprah's BFF Gayle said Oprah won't run, but her partner Stedman says otherwise.

After her Golden Globes speech, people revived their hope that she's run for president. Her partner Stedman Graham says she'll "absolutely do it" of the people really wanted it. Oprah has Meryl Streep and Jimmy Kimmel's support if she does decide to run.

The internet went crazy saying that her speech at the Golden Globes was presidential. Meryl Streep commented saying "She would absolutely do it." also saying that she doesn't think Oprah had white house intentions but "now she doesn't have a choice". Jimmy Kimmel stated "I'm on the bus with Oprah, traveling the country and urging people to vote". He also said that we'd have to call her President Winfrey and he's not sure if we could handle that as a country.

Oprah's BFF Gayle King says that she does not thing the media mogul would run. " I would bet my first, second-born and any unborn children to come, that ain't never happening," Gayle had said earlier this year. She of course said this before the Golden Globes yesterday.

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