Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer

First Horrifying Food Trend of 2018

A new food hybrid we not sure if we even want to try.

Crossushi, even the name makes it sound unappetizing. We are only 5 days into 2018 and we already have a strange trend flowing around social media. It also known as California Croissant. Its sushi inside a flaky pastry, which sounds not too bad until you bring in the soy sauce. That might make you stop and reconsider.

The food was created by Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Los Angeles. You get a classic French croissant with a salmon roll, ginger, and a little wasabi inside; and then the whole thing is topped with dried sesame and seaweed bits. Fans of it say its savory perfection, with or without the soy sauce. Apparently its actually been around for a few years, but the internet took a while to bring it into the spot light. I'm sure we will be seeing more of it and even more strange food mashups with the new year.

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