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When a child is in the hospital, the most important thing for him or her to concentrate on is feeling better. But, Levine Children’s Hospital, located in Charlotte, NC, also understands the importance of education. We keep our patients on track with their schooling, so when they leave the hospital, they can jump back into class with their peers.

Our Hospital School Program provides educational support to preschool children with disabilities and direct instruction for K – 12 students. Lessons are based on the Common Core State Standards and your child’s assignments from his or her homeschool.

We have school resources for children so they don’t fall behind, including a high-tech classroom for patients or siblings, and a teacher who visits with patients Monday through Friday.

What We Offer

Our state-of-the-art classroom includes:

Computers and tablets
Scientific equipment, like microscopes
Educational games for all ages
If your child is unable to leave his or her room, we’ll bring the school to you. Our hospital teacher is a North Carolina-licensed educator, who is available Monday through Friday. She goes room to room to visit with patients, providing one-on-one instruction and support.

Other School Services Available:

Homework assistance

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