Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

AUDIO: Have You Ever Left A Note On Someone's Car?

In all of last night's madness, we found out that a listener friend walked out of the KISSmas concert last night to find a note on her car.

It wasn't even a fun note. Someone had left her a note saying that where she parked was not a parking space. She did tweet us a picture of it and we can see where the "note giver" was coming from but in her defense she said the parking attendant told her to park there.

This brought up the topic of discussion.. leaving notes on people's cars. Whether it's for parking comments, rude comments or even accidental fender benders.

LauRen accidentally bumped into a car while parking so she left a note with her number letting him know that she was sorry.

Roy on the other hand seemed to do the exact same thing but kept going..