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(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The holidays are here.. which means people are doing a lot more traveling than usual. It also means family time. It seems that both Maney & LauRen’s family might be what we consider.. “bad house guests.”

It’s one thing to just travel for the holidays.. but what happens when you welcome a family member into your home for what you think is a weekend or a week.. and next thing you know, it’s two months? Sounds far-fetched right? Nope. LauRen shared with us that this happens with her Aunts!

Maney also had a story about his father. He recently traveled up to New Jersey to see his sister and within minutes of being there – went to Home Depot to get some things. Apparently he didn’t like showering at his sister’s place and isn’t a fan of her lightbulbs. What does that even mean? How long did he plan on staying?

Needless to say, we have some experience with bad house guests. This made us ask the question.. “Have you ever hosted a bad house guest?”