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Even though redheads make-up only 2% of the population, research shows that those 2% might actually be more rare than we thought.

Author Erin La Rosa gives some insight on gingers and scientific facts about them in her book “The Big Redhead Book.”

Some quick facts about redheads..

  • redheads make-up only 2% of the population
  • the rarest combo is red hair / blue eyes
  • research indicates that redheads have higher thresholds for pain and need less vitamin D


Apparently it gets even cooler than that.. Erin La Rosa says redheads have unique talents! Such as:

  • They know when it’s getting cold
  • Red is the hardest color to fake
  • They aren’t all white
  • Redheaded women handle pain better
  • Redheads are seen as funnier


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