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Another thing that’s breaking our bank accounts this season is all of the cuffing season dates we’re going on.

Between buying presents and going out with our friends while we’re in our hometowns AND going on dates, we barely have any money leftover! Here’s how to keep your dates on the cheaper side:

  • Cook dinner at home – This is a great way to show off your cooking skills and show off your dope apartment.
  • Order in – Still cheaper than eating out!
  • Split the bill – Don’t make one of you pay for the whole thing yourself! Get yourself in the mindset of splitting things.
  • Split a dessert – No need to buy two of something you only need one of!
  • Go easy on the booze – You don’t need to buy so much alcohol on your dates.
  • Do things that are free – This is especially easy if you live in a city that offers a ton of free date options.
  • Try double dating – Maybe you can split a bunch of apps at the restaurant instead of splurging on a bunch of meals.
  • Be up front about how much you can spend – You and your date could easily talk about what your budgets are before you start.

So enjoy this holiday season with a few extra bucks in the bank so that you can still spend time with bae over the holidays!