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It seems like everyone takes photos to document everything they do, even when some thing should stay private… 

So we’re used to seeing moments people capture from their lives on social media, especially the ones that show relationships moving forward, like couples getting engaged and married. But now folks are documenting the end of their marriages on Facebook and Instagram with a new trend: the divorce selfie.

In this modern age, people are snapping photos of them with their soon-to-be-ex spouse and proudly sharing the moment on social media. The divorce selfie comes in many forms: when they’re signing the papers, with the city hall clerk, outside, or over drinks when the deed is officially done. And of course, the divorce selfie is only social media official with the hashtag #divorceselfie.

More excited than out our wedding day. #heresyoursign #divorceselfie

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So we took calls and asked our listener friends what they celebrated in their divorce! Have you participated in this new trend? Listen blow and tell us @theMRLshow!