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Making group resolutions can keep you on task, because you’ll be encouraging and motivating each other.

You do just about everything with your friends, so why not make them a part of your New Years resolution as well. Not only is it a great way to motivate one another, its also a good way to get closer as a group. What kind of resolutions can you make as a group? Here are seven great ideas just to get you started:

Make Healthier Life Choices – This means more than just going to the gym the date after New Years. Try eliminating toxic relationships from your life or meditating.

Chip Away At Those Student Loan Debts – You can all help each other to chip away at the debt. Maybe one less drink at happy hour!

Forgive A Shared Enemy – Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to become buddy-buddy, but forgiveness helps you move forward with a cleansed conscience.

Travel To More Places – It doesn’t mean heading off to foreign lands, maybe just a day trip to a new city. Get out there and explore with your friends!

Face Your Fears – You don’t have to conquer them all, but face one as a team. The more people you have with you the less frightening those fears seem.

Stop Hooking Up With An Ex Or An Undeserving Person – It’s time to cut the cord. Make sure your friends are there to help you stay strong!

Invest In Yourself – Take a class, learn a new skill, and take your besties with you.


What New Years Resolutions are you thinking about setting for yourself? Let us know @theMRLshow