Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Your Christmas Tree May Cost More This Year: Here's Why!

One of the best parts about Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree! As usual this year, the prices for Christmas tree's will go up; this year, by as much as 5-10 percent.

The reason for the increase in Christmas tree's is actually because of our past. A 7-8 foot Christmas Tree actually takes about 10 years to grow. Remember what happened 10 years ago? It was the beginning of the "Great Recession." Back then, demand for tree's was down, so less Christmas tree seeds were planted.

Don't worry though, you can still find a Christmas tree; you may just have to be a little less picky when it comes to picking the perfect tree.

The National Christmas Tree Association does recommend getting your Christmas tree sooner rather than later this year as it is a tighter market.