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Happy bride and groom embracing in the park, wedding day

Relationship experts share the bad habits you need to kick before you get ready to tie the knot!

After you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you may develop some bad habits as a couple. And if you’re ready to take things to the next level – as in getting married – you want to break those before they crack the foundation of your union. Here are the negative patterns to ditch before you say “I do,” according to relationship experts, therapists, and psychologists.

Expecting your partner to read your mind – We love it when our partner anticipates our needs, but we shouldn’t expect it. No one is a mind reader, so ask for what you want. And remember that’s still not a guarantee you’ll get it.

Trying to make your partner jealous – If you’re serious enough to get married, it’s time to stop playing this game. Getting married is about building a secure future and trying to make your sweetie jealous undermines that.

Constantly asking your partner if they love you – Asking to be told makes you seem insecure, which you probably are if you need this validation all the time. It puts pressure on your partner and takes away from the genuine moments they want to tell you how they feel. If you’re not hearing “I love you” enough, talk about that, but don’t constantly ask to hear it.

Getting stuck in a boring routine – This happens to so many couples, so avoid it by stepping up the adventures before you walk down the aisle. Break up the monotony by trying new things together and stepping out of your comfort zone and your relationship will thank you.

Playing the blame game – This is a toxic habit where one partner blames and the other defends themselves and it’s hard to feel close and connected when you’re in a cycle of that. So take responsibility for what you do and expect your S.O. to do the same.

Mindlessly checking your phone – We hardly get enough “we” time as couples, so don’t waste it being disconnected from the person across the table from you while you mindlessly scroll through your phone.

Threatening to leave when the going gets tough – If you’re really considering tying the knot, your partner needs to know that you’re not going to walk out the door when you have a big fight. If you’re making the big commitment, that means through good and bad, you’re in it together, even when it’s hard.