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Would you still spend the whole festive season boozing if you knew how much exercise you’ll have to do in January to burn off those delicious, empty calories?

Unfortunately, we have the bad news about how long you’ll have to work out to undo all the damage.

Writing for Body and Soul, dietitian Chloe McLeod breaks down the most popular tipples to reveal how long it takes to burn the calories off for each one.

Champagne: 104 calories per glass

A standard glass of champagne is bubbling with 104 calories – which can be burned off by 12 minutes of cycling or 11 minutes on the dance floor.If you have some tidying up to do after a champagne-soaked party, then you’ll be pleased to know that one glass is the same, calorie wise, as vacuuming for 27 minutes.But if you neck a whole 520-calorie bottle, you’re looking at much more work, with an hour and 14 minutes of swimming needed to counter the calls. Otherwise, it’s an hour and 29 minutes of weight training or 50 minutes running at a medium pace, according to diet expert Chloe.

Wine: 110 calories per glass

With 110 calories in a medium glass of wine, you’ll need to spend 15 minutes playing basketball to burn it off. If yoga’s more your thing, you’ll need 38 minutes of it – or you can go on a 27-minute walk. Meanwhile, a whole bottle of vino is 549 calories. In other words, that’s an hour and five minutes spent doing aerobics or 40 minutes at a fast running pace. If housework is more your thing, you’re looking at 4 hours and 21 minutes of ironing to burn it all off.

Vodka mixer: 255 calories

A pre-mixed vodka and mixer typically contains 255 calories – the same as the amount you burn during a 46-minute softball game. In other words, that’s 27 minutes of singles tennis or 19 minutes spent at a fast running pace.

Beer: 114 calories

Cheers! A bottle of beer and its 114 calories, can be blitzed by playing golf for 20 minutes. Alternatively, 20 minutes of weight training or a 14-minute jog can burn it all off.

Espresso martini: 285 calories

To undo the damage from a 285-calorie martini, you need to spend 35 minutes jogging or 31 minutes on the dance floor. If you want to take things a bit slower, then that’s the same as an hour and 21 minutes of bowls.

Whisky and coke: 268 calories

A 268-calorie glass of scotch and coke needs half an hour of dancing to burn off. Otherwise, you’re looking at a 33-minute jog or 61 minutes spent gardening.

Vodka soda: 61 calories

The drink of choice for calorie counters, vodka and soda contains 61 calories.This can be burned off with a leisurely 9-minute swim, 6-minute run or just 10-minutes mowing the lawn.

So drink at your own risk!