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LAS VEGAS - NOVEMBER 26: Volunteers prepare traditional Thanksgiving meals for homeless people at the Salvation Army November 26, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated to give thanks for the fall harvest. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

If you aren’t traveling this holiday season, you might be gearing up for a friendsgiving get together! 

Friendsgiving has become very popular over the last few years. With work schedules and traveling prices, it seems like getting home for the holidays is harder than ever. No worries.. that’s what friends are for! Friendsgiving is way more relaxed anyways – it’s basically a squad dinner with a holiday twist! If you are hosting a Friendsgiving this seaso here are some guidelines!

  • Don’t attempt to host Friendsgiving dinner alone – you probably are capable of doing it all on your own but don’t do it – let friends help so you avoid a stressful holiday
  • Plan ahead  – people are busy – so make sure they know ahead of time what you’re doing!
  • Create a flexible menu plan – outline a menu and ask guests what they want to bring so you know you’ve got all the essentials covered
  • Embrace technology – organizing got so much easier with Facebook invites and groups
  • Direct, but don’t demand – ask dinner guests to bring a specific dish but don’t make them
  • Better safe than sorry with the food – there’s nothing wrong with too much!
  • Be inclusive – don’t leave anyone out!
  • Don’t forget to include non-cooks -even if you can’t cook, there’s still things that will need to be contributed like drinks and games
  • it’s not all about the food – it’s a holiday so make it feel homey!
  • stock up on disposable containers for leftovers 


Are you hosting a Friendsgiving this holiday season? First off.. why weren’t we invited? JK.. Have fun!