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LINCOLNSHIRE, IL - SEPTEMBER 12: Corn stalks are seen on a farm September 12, 2006 in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Reportedly forecasters are stating that this year's harvest could be next in quality to the best corn crop on record, possibly saving the government in related financial drought aid to farmers. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Roy’s Dad created an invention of his own and it’s a pretty good one!

Roy called his family to check in on them and heard banging and loud noises in the background. It turns out his dad was working on an invention of his own. He was attaching a heater to the hood of a tractor. This way he can stay warm when he has to do winter work in the cold. Pretty smart! We had listeners call in to tell us their redneck inventions and we found out just how innovative our listeners are. These inventions included wooden teeth, and a golf cart that runs on a weed eater engine! Check out the audio below and tell us what your redneck invention is @theMRLshow